Kindergarten & Preschool (3-5 Years)

Kindergarten & Preschool (3-5 Years)

School Readiness Starts Here

Our exceptional preschool program provides every opportunity to prepare your child for a positive start to their schooling years. Here, our educators strike a balance between child-initiated and teacher-led activities.

While still focusing on attentive care and play-based learning, our educators will foster your child’s natural desire to engage with educational programs for life. We deliver a School Readiness Program that specialises in allowing your child to slowly adapt to their new school environment socially, emotionally and mentally before they even arrive. The weekly School Readiness Programs includes activities such as:

  • Math Seeds and Reading Egg subsciptions
  • Numeracy and Literacy Work Books
  • Lunchbox Excursions
  • School Readiness Information Sessions

FunFit Kids Sports Program

As part as our Healthy Children program our centre promotes the health and wellness of children through daily physical activities and visits from FunFit Kids Sports Program. This program allows the children to get active and moving a fun and non competitive way which helps them to develop their motor skills, coordination and social confidence. 

Yoga Classes

Allow your child to enhance their flexibility, strength and body awareness through our weekly Yoga classes. The children will be engaging in activities such as stretching, breathing and basic yoga pose practices as continuous practice will prepare them for new experiences and stress in their life such as the transition to big school or moving houses.

Health Screenings:

Supporting our families and children’s health with regular health screening throughout the year, most of which are cover under Medicare.  Health check-ups can be daunting for children and families, an unfamiliar environment and person can be tough for children. We support families in ensuring children receive all their health check-ups by offering the following health screener in centre!
Dental Check-up - Educational incursion plus dental check up with a qualified dentist
Eye Screeners – Eye test for children aged 4-5 years
Speech Screeners – For children from 2 years with a speech therapist.
Hearing Tests- For children aged from 2 years

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